From $0 and rock bottom to $10,000/month net- With No Skills

Something’s got to give here. I think the older generations don’t understand that normal in-person jobs are just not paying enough these days- and everyone including the managers seem miserable. Living in the US, specifically the west coast, it’s one of the most expensive places in the world to live. The dream of owning property is not there for someone with no skills- no desire to code/engineer, and not the best people skills.

But it’s time to change things around and do what it takes- because there’s no other option.

I recently sold my car and took a risk- and it wasn’t worth it. I learned some, but not worth it still. My back had gone out and I had been driving rideshare and gig economy stuff for years and years, and blowing the money every chance I had. Hadn’t built any skills in the process except the ability to blow a bunch of money.

Where I’m at now- my family (birth family) if they knew I sold my car would basically never give me another penny even in the worst of situations. I’m financially on my own- and emotionally/physically they’re just checked out. It shouldn’t even be an option to ask anyone for money- I need to make sure I’m doing what it takes to earn it. I shouldn’t live off of anyone else’s dime at my age- I’m approaching 40.
Long story short

My back’s against the wall and I have no choice but to figure this out the hard way.
I’m ready to do anything- cold-call, get a normal job while working on side-hustles, cold-email, or anything it takes to start getting some clients and either do the work myself or re-selling services etc.
I’ll have to create some real goals here. A big goal is to buy another car- and have this behind me. I’ve had my chances to buy my car again but haven’t taken them, and now left myself with a real predicament.

I know so many people around the world have probably been in my situation or worse- and I need to draw from that. What will I need to do, I’m old, I have almost no real skills besides a couple trading/sports betting systems and a vague understanding of SMM, PPC, SEO, and almost no sales background which is what it would take to land those clients.

I’m guessing I just need to pick up the phone and start calling business owners, people with money- and help them make more money by offering services that I find in the marketplace. That would be a bare bones start.

So I’ll just plan out my days like that.

I’m not going to limit myself to anything in particular- I’m simply just going to see if I can do what it takes to get to $10,000/month consistently and support myself financially and put this mess behind me.

Sorting out my first week – Hitting from all angles and leaving options open.

Day 1 tasks starting tomorrow
step 1
Write 5 articles showcasing my writing skills on a personal blog with my portfolio/pfp and include some services offered
30 minutes per article, 30 minutes setting up the blog/portfolio site
3 hours

step 2
sign up for every freelancing website I can find, and make an initial listing or two on each, link to my portfolio website


15 minutes per setup of profile/job listing, ~12 sites

step 3
Write 5 articles on 3 separate blogs and add that those to my freelancer portfolio- include a twitter for each with one or two posts
15 articles total, 20 minutes per article

step 4
apply for 40 remote/local jobs, use ai to help refine the resume for each position and write a decent cover letter
3 minutes per job application, 20 per hour

step 5

Create 10 forum accounts on different forums to post freelancing services offered, and reply to posts to create a small amount of activity on the account
1 hour

step 6
Create the following blog/newsletter accounts, and quickly write a de-briefing of what i did today (prob the same article for all)
1 hour


9 hours for rest-up

Day 2

Create a 2nd listing on each freelance website

post 10 free classified ads on local websites about services offered

Make 10 forum threads in different forums for freelancing services


i’m going to run to the store and grab some food with the last of these savings- and then continue planning my week so i’ll be back to plan out the rest of the week in front of your eyes.

The ultimate goal is going to be 2-fold for the first week-

1. establish myself as a freelancer to create some liquidity/cash flow as well as eventually outsource the jobs as an agency
2. document my process of becoming a freelancer to become a blogger/business owner

Screenshot 2024 06 02 061240

Day 2 plans
Bid on 100 freelancing gigs across platforms – 3 hours (2 minutes per bid- never done this so will learn)
Finish LinkedIn Profile and schedule 30 posts about writing/freelancing – 3 hours
Start a quora account and answer 20 questions – 2 hours
Write 15 articles across the 3 blogs – 3 hours
Apply for 40 jobs – 2 hours
Reply to 30 forum posts across 10 forums – 1 hours

Total 14 hours – 10 hours for sleep/rest

I have two decades experience in sports/poker and 1 decade experience in crypto.
I’m going to utilize these and not gamble- I’m going to use them to create compound interest WHILE I grind out the re-servicing.
Here’s the bankroll strategy I MUST follow.
30% of sports/crypto allocated
max 15% risk
watch live stream while working and compound 1-3% profit per wager.

70% of crypto allocated
10% max risk per trade

Why am I doing this? This is where my skills/experience lie. My downside? I get impatient and self-loathing, and wind up broke every time due to mental weakness, going all-in at the end of big runs. We don’t want big runs, we want slow grinds. Here’s why.

If I could take $30, and make 3% per hour (very hard, but I’ve run up 6 figures before, and had shady sportsbooks ban me and take my money)
I’d be rich very fast. Now that’s nearly impossible to sustain, but at smaller levels it’s actually more do-able. Here’s the math.

I honestly think finding lock sports-bets by watching live streams and betting on heavy favorites using a small portion of a bankroll (15%) is quite profitable- but you HAVE to know what you’re doing. You have to know what to look for, and you have to realize that some matches are unfortunately fixed, because when a price is -500 or 1.2, the team/player could theoretically get paid a lot just to sell the match. so that’s the harsh reality, so you have to watch the stream and figure out what their plan is by feeling out the situation.

But overall, memecoin trading and sports betting are generally not super hard at smaller levels.
If I were to using $30 risk $5 to win $1, after 200x I’d have $10,000+. Just have to be unbelievably patient- keep bills low and not think about it like money but think about it like pips- that’s how wallstreet traders do it with huge million dollar funds.

Besides that, this is second nature to me- I need to focus mostly on re-selling services to have a normal job. Because my situation is dire and something needs to happen pronto.

Still considering whether I should follow through with my day 1 plan or really find a micro-niche-service to sell and go full-force on that.

Right now I’m going to find a service to sell and will report back with an updated roadmap for how I’m going to build a baseline income by how to market this service.