From a 3rd world country & addicted to drugs

I’m a 29 year old dude (no gf at the moment or kids) who lives in a small country in Europe (Lithuania). I started my journey as an runescape botter, video editor, video animation artist in the early days when I was like 13 years old. I always knew that I wanted more out of life and always questioned things in school (why do I need this) etc. That’s why I was always looking for ways to earn extra buck, also being from a family of a single mom with 3 kids didn’t help as well. So I totally understood that money is very important in life if you want to have comfort. Growing up I had my ups and downs, I was pursuing an video animation career, I had clients and did work for brands like Macdonalds, Formula 1, Wells Fargo and other big names. I also had a time in life when I was addicted to MDMA (ecstasy) it’s a fun drug but you look like skeleton if you are a common user of the drug (which I was). After that decided to drop drugs completely and stop smoking, was reading a lot of books on self improvement and how to fix my life in general, life was going pretty stable, was still earning money from my video animation skillset and tried couple other businesses along the way which failed as well. BUT I NEVER ESCAPED THE MATRIX so do say….

Alright so it’s 2022 I made like $ 20k from my animation business and I got a good client which I did video editing work for social media. This client was stable, it was so stable that in fact I scaled from 5 videos a month to 70 videos a month. But I had a problem that I couldn’t do this alone and didn’t had enough KNOWLEDGE on how to scale and optimize things in businesses.

And that’s when I asked my “online” friend who was into marketing to do this stuff with me together. And that’s when things TOOK OFF completely.

We created a PLAN on how we were going to scale the business, step by step we were making mistakes, but it was profitable.

We scaled from 1 to 4 recurring clients and did social media videos (snapchat). Client work was fine in terms of money, we did like 10-20k per month but things really took off when we decided to work on Snapchat (because our clients were doing it) so we thought why we’re not doing it, we are smart enough for it. So we did!

I was back in my flat from a party we hosted for our 1 year business anniversary and when I saw the revenue number I was in complete SHOCK I will never forget that day. $ 66k in revenue first month. $ 78k Next month and $ 110k in revenue the third month.

To end the story… When you never doubt yourself, it’s like a sailor navigating the sea with a flawless compass, always knowing the right direction.

And that compass is your heart, listen to your heart and do what you love the most guys! Hopefully this story will inspire this community to finish that affiliate website, to upload that video, to create that social media account, to earn that $….

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