Amazing guide: How to get more traffic on Pinterest

You may be thinking of starting an account on Pinterest account or maximize your existing account in 2024 is difficult, but if you make the right plan, you can get more than 1 million views in one year. I wrote this article to give you a seven-day plan that will help to grow your Pinterest traffic as you may be wondering how to get more traffic on Pinterest. This plan will make sure that you get seen by as many people as possible and will also help you get more likes, comments, saves and maybe even followers.

Strategy Details

You can use this strategy whether you want to make your own brand popular on Pinterest or if you’re trying to get more customers for a business that you work for. By the end of this article you should be able to master how to get more traffic on Pinterest and see results flow through within the month.

how to get more traffic on Pinterest

Day 1: Setting up your Pinterest Business account

Action Items:

  • Choose a Business Account: If you want to grow on Pinterest, make sure you’re using a business account—not a personal one. You’ll get extra features like analytics and ad capabilities which can analyze Pinterest traffic.
  • Optimize Your Profile: Use a clear profile picture or a bold, easy-to-read logo. If it makes sense for your brand, use a round picture—it’s the most popular option because it takes up less space! Also, remember to create a cohesive look and feel between your profile image, business name, and bio.


  • If you can’t use your brand name, try to be original but still relevant to your niche. For instance, rather than ‘Charlie1234’, you could choose ‘CharlieBlogger’.

Write a profile that says who you are and what you offer, as well as why people should care. Write a bio that shows what your followers will get instead of telling them who you are.

Day 2: Competitive Analysis

Gaining knowledge about what has made accounts in your niche successful can be extremely valuable.

How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis:

  • Keywords: To begin, pick a few keywords that describe your brand the best.
  • Check out profiles: Look up what the most popular accounts are doing in your niche. Check out their monthly viewers and their overall aesthetics (dark and moody, light and airy, lifestyle look, product focused).

Why it works: If you know why certain people or brands are on top, you can copy them, improve upon their methods, or find some way to excel where they lack; this will help increase your Pinterest traffic.

What you should do right now: Take a look at some of the most popular pinners in your niche and see if you can find any trends in regards to their board names, pin styles, how they engage with their followers, etc.

Day 3: Understand Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is not just a site where you can hang out with friends. It is also a great search engine which is important for how to get more traffic on Pinterest.

Here are some Pinterest SEO Basics:

  • Keywords: To help people find you, use relevant keywords in your bio and board descriptions.
  • Pin descriptions: Write good pin descriptions that are also packed with keywords. The more detailed and effort put in here, the greater the Pinterest traffic.
  • Use Pinterest’s search bar: If you type in a word, Pinterest will show you other words that people often pair with it when searching. You can take these words as suggestions for what your audience is looking for.

Day 4: Content Creation & Promotion

Content is extremely important, and on Pinterest this is most certainly the case.

  • Create Excellent Content: Make sure you have lots of posts on your website or blog. The more content you have, the more pins you can make to drive traffic back to your site.
  • Use Great Images: The quality of your images can greatly affect how well they do on Pinterest since it is a visual platform.

Strategy Tip: To keep your current audience and keep getting new followers, come up with a schedule for when you will put up new stuff.

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Day 5: Planning your Pinning Strategy

If you know what kinds of pins to use, and how to use them, you can get a lot more people clicking over to your site resulting in greater Pinterest traffic.

  • Regular Image Pins: These are just ads for your stuff, with a link out so people can buy it. They’re great.
  • Video Pins: Pinterest video lengths should be kept from 6-15 seconds long.
  • Idea Pins: Use these to show off your personality and teach viewers something new.

“By using multiple Pin formats, creators can continue to cater to their audience while extending the lifecycles of their content.”

image 20

Day 6: Improving your Pin Design

Make pins that look nice and make people want to do something with your stuff.

Advice for People Who Can’t Design:

  • Use programs like Canva if you don’t have any design experience.
  • Keep the original fonts and colors from the template to maintain polish.

Just like Instagram, aesthetics rule on Pinterest—sometimes even more than the actual content itself.

Day 7: Batch and Schedule Pins

You’re a lot more productive when you manage your time effectively.

Plan short-term on Pinterest’s native scheduler and long-term with Tailwind.

One benefit of batching is that it allows you to keep your feed active even when you aren’t online.

Another positive result of batching is that it makes it easier to maintain a consistent posting schedule which helps with generating Pinterest traffic.

Continuous Improvement and Analytics

Once the first week is over, you’ll want to start scaling these strategies, as well as refining them based on what you’ve learned.

  • Figure out what works by monitoring it: Learn more about which of your pins are doing the best—and why—with analytics.
  • Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t: Change your plan depending on how well individual types of posts perform so that you can keep doing what’s working and stop doing what isn’t.

“Remember to keep learning and improving; the internet is always changing, and so are the best strategies.”

Thoughts on how to get more traffic on Pinterest

Right now, it might seem like a huge task to get Pinterest traffic to more than 1 million views, but you will get closer with each move if you choose them carefully. You will master how to get more traffic on Pinterest if you keep going and use your imagination and smart ideas.

Make sure you take the time to learn and change not only your content, but also your strategies as your audience’s preferences change.

If you want more information or tips that will help you get ahead even faster, keep reading our blog.