How to make money on YouTube without making videos

In this complete guide, I reveal exactly how to make money on YouTube without making videos. Specifically, I go over 4 secrets for doing this including the best niches to do this in, how to generate lots of content, and my number one secret for growing fast and monetizing.

How to make money on Youtube without making videos

Running YouTube channels without showing your face is, in my opinion, the best business model to make money on Youtube out there. Here’s why:

Location Freedom

  • Run your YouTube channels from anywhere
  • Your age doesn’t matter

Passive Income potential

With YouTube, you do the work once and it can continue to pay you for years into the future. Each video is like a piece of digital real estate that can generate income every month which makes this strategy to make money on YouTube very desirable to entrepreneurs.

How to make money on Youtube without making videos

4 Secrets to make money on YouTube

When it comes to making money on YouTube without showing your face, there are four key secrets that can help you succeed in this venture. These secrets encompass the best niches to target, content generation strategies, viral growth tactics, and effective monetization methods.

Secret 1: Best Niches

When it comes to making money on YouTube without showing your face, choosing the right niche is crucial for success. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best niches and categories to consider:


  • Gaining muscle
  • Losing weight
  • Natural remedies


  • Make money online
  • Investing
  • Luxury
  • Business stories


  • Ancient wisdom
  • Building confidence


  • Getting an ex back
  • Improving relationships


  • Travel guides
  • Travel ideas
  • Best places to live


  • Futuristic technology
  • Tutorials for different applications

You can find more information about picking your Niche here.

These niches are ideal as they consistently have videos with over 100,000 views, ensuring a thriving business potential. Additionally, they offer high CPM (cost per thousand views) and alternative monetization opportunities, such as affiliate marketing and selling digital products.

Secret 2: Generating Content

How to make money online

When it comes to generating content for your YouTube channel without showing your face, there are various methods you can utilize to create engaging videos that resonate with your audience. Here are eight different strategies for generating content without recording videos or appearing on camera:

Stock Videos

  • Access stock video websites like Pixabay and Pexels
  • Utilize subscriptions such as Storyblocks for a wider selection
  • Edit videos using free video editing software


  • Produce tutorial videos on popular software or applications
  • Record your screen using free software like OBS


  • Create engaging slideshows using Google Slides
  • Utilize slideshows to convey information effectively

Text on Screen

  • Produce quote videos with expanded commentary
  • Ensure compliance with fair use guidelines for shared content

Stock Photos

  • Incorporate stock photos into your videos for visual appeal
  • Create engaging narratives around the visual content

Whiteboard Videos

  • Utilize software like VideoScribe to create engaging whiteboard videos
  • Present information in a visually compelling manner

Animated Videos

  • Create animated videos using platforms like Animaker
  • Enhance storytelling through animated visuals

Mind Map Videos

  • Develop mind map videos using software like XMind
  • Provide insightful summaries and visual representations

Additionally, a bonus method for creating content involves sourcing videos from YouTube while adhering to fair use principles. This can provide valuable material for your videos, further expanding your content creation options with content creation through Canva and ChatGPT.

Apply for ChatGPT Plus for free here.

Secret 3: Going Viral

When it comes to achieving viral success on YouTube, one of the most crucial elements is your video’s metadata. This includes your title, description, and tags, which essentially communicate to YouTube what your content is about. Initially, when you start a new channel and upload videos, YouTube has no understanding of your content, leading to randomized testing and limited exposure. This can hinder your channel’s growth and delay your potential for success.

The Power of Consistent Metadata

The key to overcoming this challenge lies in utilizing a consistent set of tags and keywords across all your videos. By doing so, you create what I like to call “suggested video feedback loops,” where viewers are directed to watch more of your content. This not only keeps them engaged but also significantly influences the YouTube algorithm, particularly in terms of session time.

  • Utilize a group of tags and keywords across every video
  • Create suggested video feedback loops to keep viewers engaged
  • Increase session time to boost your videos’ visibility

Strategic Keyword Usage

To accelerate your growth, leveraging certain keyword tools can help drive search traffic to your videos. By targeting keywords with high search volume and low competition, you can gain traction and prompt your videos to be suggested to other users. This strategic approach facilitates exponential growth and can lead to millions of views in a relatively short period of time.

Understanding YouTube Saturation

Contrary to common belief, the level of competition on YouTube doesn’t necessarily dictate your potential for viral success. In fact, a certain level of saturation within a category can present numerous opportunities for your videos to appear in suggested video feeds, thereby attracting a substantial viewership. Additionally, considering the growing number of YouTube viewers, there’s ample room for new creators to thrive in the current landscape and make money on youtube.

  • Competition on YouTube may not hinder your success
  • Saturation in a category can create opportunities for exposure
  • The current YouTube viewership presents favorable conditions for new creators

Strategic content creation

When it comes to generating video ideas, a strategic approach involves analyzing popular videos within your niche and incorporating successful elements into your content. By combining this with keyword research, you can ensure a steady stream of engaging video ideas that have the potential to attract significant viewership.

  • Recreate successful elements from popular videos within your niche
  • Utilize keyword research to identify trending and high-demand topics
  • Balance experimentation with proven strategies for optimal content creation

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance your chances of achieving viral success on YouTube and rapidly growing your channel’s viewership.

Secret 4: Making Money

When it comes to monetizing your YouTube channel (how to make money on Youtube without making videos) without showing your face, there are several effective methods to generate substantial income. Let’s explore the four great ways of monetizing on YouTube, including the two bad ways to avoid.

Bad ways to monetize

  • Avoid doing merchandise and memberships on your channel
  • The amount of money made per sale is very low

Ways to Monetize

Now, let’s focus on the effective methods on how to make money on Youtube without making videos for your YouTube channel.

Method 1: Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue through the YouTube Partner program involves CPM, which determines how much money you make per thousand views. To maximize ad revenue, create videos in high CPM niches and ensure your videos are longer than eight minutes to place multiple ads.

Method 2: Digital Products

Sell digital products like online courses, ebooks, or software using platforms like Kajabi. Online courses are particularly lucrative as they are just a collection of videos that can be highly valuable to your audience.

Method 3: Affiliate Marketing

Partner with creators on platforms like Digistore24 and ClickBank to promote their courses and earn a commission from every sale. This method can be highly profitable, especially when promoting high-ticket products.

Method 4: Sponsorships

Once your channel grows, companies will start reaching out for sponsorships. Negotiate terms and mention the sponsored product within your videos to earn additional income.

These methods have proven to be highly effective, with numerous individuals achieving significant financial success through their YouTube channels. While results may vary, with dedication and effort, it’s possible to build a thriving income stream from your channel.

Final Thoughts

You have successful read through the article and can hopefully articulate how to make money on Youtube without making videos. We have a FAQ to provide you with more details to help understand the process.

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Side Hustle Update

I’ve been working on implementing the strategies outlined in the guide. It is taking a bit of time as I am juggling several jobs and tasks each day but I am slowly getting through it. I have started by focusing on SEO and looking at content from this perspective and in line with what is trending. While doing this I am looking at software hopefully I find something that is cheap and productive that I can just automate to simplify this. This side hustle needs more than 30 mins each day which is all I can allocate at this time but it will be interesting to see how we go here! I will look to update you once in our weekly newsletter (see right side panel to subscribe) to inform you of any breaking news.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding making money on YouTube without making videos:

1. Do I really not need to show my face to make money on YouTube?

No, you can run a successful YouTube channel without showing your face. There are various content creation methods that do not require appearing on camera, such as utilizing stock videos, slideshows, text on screen, and more that you can utilize to engage customers.

2. What are the best niches for running a faceless YouTube channel?

  • Health: Gaining muscle, losing weight, natural remedies
  • Wealth: Make money online, investing, luxury, business stories
  • Happiness: Ancient wisdom, building confidence
  • Relationships: Getting an ex back, improving relationships
  • Travel: Travel guides, travel ideas, best places to live
  • Technology: Futuristic technology, tutorials for different applications

3. How to make money on Youtube without making videos?

There are several effective methods for monetizing a YouTube channel without appearing on camera, including ad revenue, selling digital products, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. This is how to get paid on youtube.

4. Can I achieve viral success without showing my face?

Yes, by strategically utilizing metadata, leveraging keyword tools, and creating engaging content, it is possible to achieve viral success and make money on YouTube without showing your face.

5. How can I learn more about running faceless YouTube channels?

If you’re interested in learning more about running faceless YouTube channels and making money without showing your face, consider joining a comprehensive program like Tube Mastery and Monetization, which provides step-by-step guidance, expert insights, and real results from individuals who make money on youtube.

6. How to get paid on Youtube?

By following the above methods, we believe if you put in enough work that you will learn how to get paid on youtube sooner rather than later.