Eyes from an Expert: My Journey

I was a sophomore in college, struggling to find a job that could help me pay my way through school. Then one day, I came across a Pinterest pin that piqued my interest. A mother claimed she was making “$10,000 per month blogging” without keeping the short sentences.

I had a blog of my own.

It was just a typical blog. I would write sporadically whenever something noteworthy happened in my life. Only my family knew about it and visited it.

I had no idea you could make money with blogs.

But once that idea struck me, I was all in. I wanted to make it big with my blog. And my strategy worked.

Today, three years later, I’m making $40,000 a month blogging.

Year #1: Focus on Fast Income First, I deleted all my original blog posts.

In the first year, I focused on fast income. As a student, I had little time to write blog posts. And I needed money, fast.

I felt that the easiest way to make fast money with a new blog was with ads.

So my goal was to get accepted by an ad agency. I discovered that for that I needed page views. I chose Pinterest for this purpose.

After all, that’s how I’d discovered that you could make money, blogging.

My second focus was to learn as much about blogging as possible. As fast as possible. That gave me an easy choice.

I could figure it out for myself, which would take a couple of years. Or spend $100 on a course and be making money in a couple of months. Take note of one thing here…

I did NOT have the mindset of, “Let me take this course and do nothing.”

I put what I learned at use immediately. That’s where I behaved in a different way than most people. Determined progress.

To earn money for the courses, I took babysitting gigs.

And every time I learned something new, I would follow it to a T for two months. After that I would adjust. This is another wise piece of advice.

Use it as is for two months, then tweak and adjust.

Year #2: Focus On Affiliate marketing and SEO This year, I focused on affiliate marketing, mainly from Amazon Associates.

I advised against doing affiliate marketing the first year. Maybe because you need more traffic to make it worth it. Maybe because it takes more time.

I didn’t say.

When you do affiliate marketing on a blog, it means you need to do SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

This was another topic I had to learn.

Now I master it, but I wasn’t born with that skill. Notice how all the way through, I learn and implement. Learn and implement.

Year #3: Focus on Email List and Social Media

I didn’t understand the importance of an email list until now. I would switch this to the first year. Unless you really don’t have the energy. An email list will become your most important asset.

I said to make sure with everything you posted to be extremely helpful.

Keep the reader in mind at all times.

Don’t write about yourself. People don’t care about you. They care about themselves; focus on them.

I also started on social media. I chose Instagram and YouTube. Both good places to find traffic.

Once again, I focused hard.

That meant an Instagram story every day. A YouTube video once a week. All that was extra work, though.

Because of all the extra workload, I started to hire.

I had to. I hired part-time freelancers to help me with my blogging. Now I have a team.

Going into year 4 I want to aim to generate over $100,000 per month looking at different income streams such as course creation or software as a service.

If you are looking for a bit more explanation on how to make money online; click here. This video course will provide you a step by step process on how to make your first $1,000 online.