How to make money online with Google: 5 Key Steps for 2024

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Do you want to know and understand how to make money online with Google? Have you been asking yourself how can I make real money on the internet? This is a perfect way for anyone to make money online in between classes. You can use Google and this free AI tool to make $100 in 30 minutes or less making it an ideal Google side hustles. Yes, you are reading it right, when you get more experienced pro’s use this method which makes it one of the best ways to generate passive income. With this easy money-making method, we have included the secret websites to make money; you could earn a hundred bucks in just half an hour.

We have verified this method through an external source and one of our researchers (see Journey’s here) however, we believe this takes more time (at the start) and would be supported by an email list or large social media accounts. You do not need any capital investment such as web hosting, paying for advertisements which is perfect for beginners who want to make money online with Google but do not be discouraged if it takes a while to generate your first payout, the more time you put in, the more results you will get.

To make money, go to Google News (news. google. com) and click on the “US” tab, which shows what people in the United States are talking about the most. You will see a list of current events and topics.

Step 2: Sign up for SEOWriting AI

After that, you should sign up on SEOWriting AI which is a free AI tool that could do most of the job for you. You only have to go on their website and click on “Get Started”. To create an account, you can either use your Google account or type your name, email address as well as a password.

Step 3: Generate Blog post ideas with ChatGPT

It is now time for you to take advantage of ChatGPT. Take the following prompt over to the ChatGPT interface:

“`Give me top 10 ideas for blog articles based on true events that would be useful for a strategy involving generating articles with AI and monetizing them.“`

ChatGPT will give you a list of 10 blog article ideas based on true events, which you can use for this strategy. We recommend going to and utilizing co-pilot for this if you do not have ChatGPT4.

Medium is news site which enhances how to make money online with google

Step 4: Generate a blog post with SEOWriting AI

Now that you’ve got an idea, let me take you back to SEOWriting AI.

Go to “Blog Post”, and paste your main keyword in. This is the keyword for the blog post you chose from ChatGPT. After you pasted it in, click on “Generate Title” so you can see some AI-generated titles that you can use for your blog post. Alternatively, there are other free title generators available such as

There are so many things you can change in SEOWriting AI. You can change the voice, language, how long the article is, and more. One cool feature is that you can even use natural language processing (NLP) keywords to help your article get a higher rank on Google! For this strategy, though, I suggest that you keep all of the settings the way they are when you first open the site. Also, make sure to include at least three pictures and one YouTube video.

When you have everything set up the way you want it, click on the button that says “Run”. This will start making your blog post! Just note, that the SEOWriting AI has a free trial for 5 generations so to use the generations wisely.

In about ten seconds, SEOWriting AI will give you a completely unique 2,000-word article! It will even come with pictures (that match what it’s talking about), quotes, and everything.

Step 5: Submit your article to Listverse and get paid $100

You can now make money from your blog posts. One way to do this is by publishing your interesting and strange stories based on real events on Listverse. There are other domains similar to Listverse which are like a secret website to make money!

Here is how you can get started and possibly earn $100 for your article:

  • Go to Listverse’s ‘More’ section and select ‘Write and Get Paid’
  • Select ‘Send it in’ or ‘Open the submission list’
  • Enter a title for your list – you can copy one directly from SEOWritingAI!
  • Paste both the article introduction and full content from SEOWritingAI
  • Don’t forget to comply with their terms and conditions before clicking on the submit button.

If your article gets accepted, Listverse will pay you a cool $100! If you repeatedly asked, how can I make real money on the internet? to yourself, this is a great start with this secret website to make money. When starting off, take your time and put some time into the article.

Other ways to promote your list

These methods help promote and gain exposure to your newly written article. You may not see results straight away but the more work you put in and the longer time passes, the better results you will see!

  1. Shorten the link and get paid per click

There is one more way you can make money from your blog posts. You can use link shortener services like ShrinkEarn. Here is how:

  • Go to Google and search for the event on which you have written a post. Suppose you have written a post related to new year events in New York, then search for new year events in New York on Google.
  • Look for any existing articles or blog posts having similar content as that of your article. If you find any such article, copy the URL of that article otherwise select any other article/URL.
  • Visit ShrinkEarn and create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Once registered, visit your dashboard by logging in.
  • Now enter/paste the URL which you had copied in step 2 in the box saying ‘Paste Link To Shorten It’.
  • Click on shorten button and after a second or two you will get a shortened version of your URL.

You will get paid by ShrinkEarn a small amount of money (for example $20 per 1000 views) when someone opens one of your short links. Link shorteners are a great way to combine with other methods on how to make money online. If you want to take out your money, please go to Withdraw section and set up your payment details in the Profile section.

  1. Publish your article on Medium

Medium is news site which enhances how to make money online with google
Medium is news site which enhances how to make money online with google

Another great platform to publish your blog post is Medium. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on “Write” and paste the title and content of your article from SEOWriting AI.
  • Download the images from SEOWriting AI and upload them to your Medium post.
  • Add a call-to-action link to the existing article you found on Google (the one you used to create the shortened link on ShrinkEarn).
  • Highlight the call-to-action and paste the shortened link from ShrinkEarn.
  • Repeat this process by adding the call-to-action and shortened link between multiple paragraphs.
  • Publish your article on Medium and copy the link.
  1. Share on imgur and get more views

To get even more eyeballs on your blog post, you can share it on Imgur, a popular image-sharing platform. Here’s how:

  • Go to Imgur and click on “New Post.”
  • Upload the bizarre or interesting images related to your blog post.
  • Paste the title of your blog post.
  • Add a call-to-action: “Read the full story here.”
  • Copy and paste the link to your Medium post.
  • Post it publicly so that millions of Imgur users can see your image and the call-to-action to read the full story on Medium.

When people click on the link to your Medium post, you’ll not only get more views but also potentially earn money from the shortened link you included (try ShrinkEarn).

  1. Offer article writing services on freelancing platforms

If you’re enjoying the process of generating high-quality articles with SEOWriting AI, you can also offer your article writing services on various freelancing platforms. Here are a few options:

  • Contra: People charge anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour for writing SEO blog articles on this platform.
  • iWorkWell: You can get paid up to $195 per article you write for clients on this platform.
  • SEO Clerks: Earn $10 to $40 per article by taking on writing jobs in the “Article Writing” section.

Remember, with SEOWriting AI, you can generate high-quality articles with just a few clicks, making it a lucrative opportunity to offer your services as a freelance writer however, you may need to purchase a plan or look for other tools that are free if you cannot afford the subscription. We believe this is a great way start on how to make money online.

The bottom line

I hope you have been following these simple steps, you can leverage the power of Google, ChatGPT, and SEOWriting AI to create and monetize high-quality blog posts. This is one of the profitable Google side hustles and you should not have to ask yourself “How can I make real money on the internet?” anymore. This is how you make money online without any capital overhead. Give it a try and start earning that $100 in no time! For other best ways to generate passive income strategies click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need to get started?

  • An AI tool with high input capabilities, such as ChatGPT 4 or Jasper Chat – we recommend that you consider purchasing or applying for credits. Apply for ChatGPT Plus for free here.
  • A free AI tool to generate quality articles like SEOWriting AI.
  • You may want to consider Canva for Pinterest designs for the article or as advertisement.

How to make money online with Google?

If you read the article above, this should demonstrate a step-by-step process on how to make money online with google, alternatively, you can watch more Google side hustles with YouTube for further clarification.

Do I need any prior experience?

No, this Google side hustle is designed to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a willingness to learn and put in the work. The step-by-step process is straightforward, you will need to put time into this and effort in order to succeed and achieve your first payout. Start your journey today as we debunk how to make money online with Google.