Unlock the secret: get more free Instagram followers

In the last month, one of my Instagram accounts has grown significantly from a few small details. In just thirty days, I got over 50,000 free Instagram followers. And guess what? I’m going to keep getting more followers throughout 2024 without having to purchase Instagram followers.

You might be asking how can I get more free Instagram followers? Up until now, I haven’t shared this method, and I am going to share how I did it: on the ten to twenty different theme pages, I run in a bunch of different niches, I have tried out this strategy, and it has worked every time. I do not recommend to purchase Instagram followers as this might be a detriment to the analytics of your page and account.

How to get more free Instagram followers in 2024

1. Niche Mastery

It does not matter if you have no followers or several thousand of them: Focus on your niche! If you train your account to engage with niche-specific content, you will never run out of inspiration for your own daily uploads – be it hashtags, captions or the latest audio trends: Just like and save some videos from pages similar to yours for a couple of days and you’ll see how the explore page will only start showing you more and more similar (and relevant!) content. This doesn’t mean you can’t use IG as a personal account; however, if you do so, it is likely that growth will be slower.

Instead, think of yourself as a business and treat your Insta like one curated shop window that shows off everything you are interested in – would you follow a shop that sold clothes one day, then healthy juice for a week followed by garden furniture? I wouldn’t. But I do follow along stores that post beautiful pictures of interiors every day because 100% of their feed interest me.

You can find more information about picking your Niche here.

One of the best ways to grow on Instagram is by using trending audios. To find trending audios go to your profile and click the reel button in the bottom right corner. You will see a bunch of reels- in the bottom left corner you can find the trending audios, which are labeled with an icon that looks like a sideways or upward pointing arrow. Using these audio clips will greatly affect how well people engage with your video. Also, if you plan on making your own video, you should always start with a piece of audio, edit your clip to match it, and then post it to your page so that it has a better chance of being seen.

get more free Instagram followers

3. Use interactive Polls

Instagram recently rolled out a new feature they are calling polls, and it can definitely help you keep your audience. And here’s the best part: you can use them not only in your stories, but also in your captions! By using polls in your posts, you can get more likes and comments from your followers, who will feel more connected to your content. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this is one of the easiest ways to increase your following. The feature is being released to users now, and is a great way to gain free Instagram followers without buying followers.

4. Engaging Captions

Captions aren’t just for placing under your images, they’re a chance to keep your audience engaged. You may want to utilize AI to generate these; Apply for ChatGPT Plus for free here. Use this easy formula to make your captions better:

  • Hook: Ask a question that will make people interested.
  • Body: Tell a story, give advice, or explain how people can do something that relates to what you’ve posted.
  • Credit: Say where your content comes from if you need to. 
  • Call to Action: Tell the people who see your post to do something, like it or share it, or ask them if they agree with you and want to add a comment.
  • Hashtags: Use them to help more people find your posts.

5. Effects

Effects are another thing people don’t use enough on Instagram. You can get way more views on your videos if you use effects! When you go to make a new Reel, click the three stars at the top, and you’ll see a bunch of effects you can add to your video. Most of them are pretty wild, but there are a few subtle ones that will make your stuff look way better. This is a great way to get more followers and grow your account!

If you want to know how to run Facebook or Instagram Ads, click here.

6. Turn off Facebook recommendations

In case you want to concentrate only on Instagram and not have views coming from Facebook, it is important that you turn off Facebook recommendations. Although Facebook can bring in many views, it will not help you grow on Instagram. By turning this feature off, you can be sure that you are giving 100% of your attention to Instagram. By segregating, we are creating organic synergy in allowing us to generate free Instagram followers without buying followers.

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7. Optimize Hashtags

Don’t forget about hashtags! In 2024, the algorithm will use hashtags to know who to show your content to. So don’t overload your posts with hashtags that make the algorithm think you’re spamming or scamming—two or three words per hashtag, tops, and use hashtags that describe what’s in the picture with a single word and two-to-three-word phrases.

If you have a big account, though, you might not use any hashtags at all: by now, you should have already trained the algorithm to only show your posts to people who interact with them/have similar interests. But if you have a small account, this is still one of the best ways to use hashtags, since it can help train the algo to send your stuff to the right people and is essential to get more free Instagram followers.

8. Pinned Content

Pinned content is a great way to grow your account. There are two kinds of pinned content: Pinned Reels (or other content) at the top of your feed, and pinned comments.

Create a comment that asks people to follow your account as a giveaway entry, or anything else that might go viral, and pin it. Your follower count will shoot up.

Wait until a post has been up for a while before you pin it to the top of your page. If you pin it too early, fewer people will see it overall.

9. Instagram Bio

The bio is the initial thing that people who might follow you will see, so you better make it good.

  • Name: Use keywords that people would use to search for content like yours.
  • Description: What does your account do?
  • Value Proposition: What makes you unique?
  • Community Building: Encourage people to join your community.

10. Adding Keywords

The final step is to add keywords to your videos or content. When you post a reel, use the Text button to type in keywords that describe your video as well as possible. To keep things interesting for viewers, make the text small. This will help the algorithm learn who should watch your stuff and help you turn up in front of more people who are interested in your posts.

Get more free Instagram followers

This is my roadmap on how not to purchase Instagram followers and gain them organically in 2024. My view on buying followers will cause a detriment to your page and recommend that you earn your free Instagram followers organically.

I’ve used these ideas on lots of different accounts and topics, and they always work well. Use popular audio clips, make quizzes, and write good captions and you should get more free Instagram followers. Try out effects and don’t forget to turn off Facebook’s cross-promote feature and do not purchase Instagram followers. Use hashtags, pin posts, write a funny bio, and make sure to add keywords to your videos.

Do all of these things, and you will get more followers on Instagram!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do you recommend that we do not purchase Instagram followers?

I believe that if buying followers makes you happy then go ahead however, I think it causes a detriment to your account through analytics. If you ever thought about selling the account/business then people could be put off and reduce the price as a result of buying followers because it can be obvious when someone has spent money in buying followers. Do your due diligence.