CPA My Journey (Flex)

CPA marketing and drive traffic to CPA offers is one of the simplest ways to start making money online but the question that many media buyers and affiliates ask is: How can I find a CPA offer that delivers results?

It’s a question that piques the interest of every affiliate, seeking the key to unlocking profitable campaigns. Stay with me and I’ll show you the Exact Steps I’ve taken last week to run a campaign with +$2,100 revenue at the end.

I also will provide you with insights, tips and stats and yes, you can ask your questions and I’ll answer!

Let’s get started!


I’ve picked two types of offer: CPI (Cost Per Install) & Mobile. And here was my plan to market them:

CPA Network: Mobidea & GG (Golden Goose)

Tracking Tool: Binom

Traffic Source: PropellerAds

GEOs: +8

Offer Payout: < $3

Extra profit:

How I Picke the Offers

Finding the right offer amidst a sea of options can be daunting, especially in the realm of mobile content and CPI offers across various CPA networks. But fear not, there’s a method to madness. Here’s how I go through the process and you can copy that:

1- Geo-Targeted Approach: I narrowed down my options by focusing on specific GEOs, selecting countries where I had previously found success or had ready-to-go, localized landing pages.

Ask Your Acc Manager: Seeking guidance, I consulted with account managers from CPA networks, tapping into their expertise to identify the best-performing offers. It’s really that easy and does not cost you a dime!

Top Ranks & Fresh Ones: I didn’t overlook the offers in the limelight, exploring those featured prominently in the top rankings of each CPA network. Additionally, I kept an eye out for fresh offers as they became available, eager to test their potential as fast as possible.

Test, Test & Test then Repeat! That’s never enough to test an offer. I subjected offers to rigorous testing, giving them no quarter if they failed to deliver results despite expenditure. After all, in the world of CPA, there’s little room for second chances.

Once I identify promising offers (mobile content & CPI in this case), I jump into the testing phase. The process is straightforward: I kick off with a Popunder testing campaign. When I observe satisfactory conversion rates, I expand my efforts by launching campaigns employing Push and Direct. Additionally, I experiment with varied bids for the same offer, aiming to maximize lead generation before an offer plateaus or faces unforeseen challenges.

Now let me share some more details with you about my initial tests:

image 2

I waited 24 hours then tested another 17 offers, but disappointingly, only three demonstrated a favorable ROI. Simultaneously, throughout the entire initial week, I diligently compiled a roster of around ~25 fresh offers. I meticulously scrutinized all ongoing campaigns to discern the factors contributing to poor CR (conversion rates).

The next decision I’ve made was contacting my aff manager and after a conversation with her, I secured an elevated cap tailored specifically to my needs. Additionally, I pursued a modification in the Wi-Fi offer, successfully obtaining the same offer but targeted specifically for LTE/3G traffic from the advertiser.

After two weeks, here was my result:

image 1

Then I applied my following rule to cut remaining non-performing offers:

I cut all offers with +$0.2 payout that spent х1

I cut all offers with -$0.2 payout that spent х2

Afterward, I expanded the efforts by introducing new campaigns utilizing different ad formats to amplify the offers that exhibited promising conversion rates. While the primary Popunder campaign for each offer encompassed multiple languages or carriers, these additional campaigns adopted a more focused targeting approach, concentrating solely on one carrier or language.

Following these initial steps, I proceeded with the following actions:

Upon reviewing the campaigns, I identified a zone that consistently depleted the budget without yielding any conversions, prompting me to remove it from the rotation.

For campaigns that failed to generate conversions, I opted to maintain their activity until they reached a spending threshold of $10. Upon reaching this limit, I paused them temporarily, intending to resume them the following day.

To maximize the profit for each offer, I implemented additional monetization features:

1. This feature involves integrating a special tag on the landing page, prompting users to subscribe to push notifications. Upon acceptance, users receive push notifications, enabling them to engage with the content and generate revenue for the landing page owner.

2. Backbutton script: By incorporating a script that activates when users click the back button in their browsers, I redirected users to another offer and offers this feature as well.

3. Popunder script: This script loads as a popunder whenever users click any link on the landing page. The second tab of this popunder presents a new offer to users, enhancing the potential for engagement and conversions.

These are all additional monetization techniques that brought me more revenue.

And the truth is that you feel good every time you find your profitable spots even if you’re in this business for +7 years! ; )

Here’s the result after the campaigns went green:


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