A Beginner’s Tutorial: Make money listening to music in 2024

Make money listening to music

Have you ever thought whether you could get paid to listen to music? It seems like a dream scenario: making money passively, with songs playing in the background. But what if it could actually happen? I spent over 100 hours exploring different websites and apps that claim to pay you to listen to music in order to figure out if this was possible. Now, I’m going to show you how you might be able to make some extra money while jamming out to your favorite tunes.

Make money listening to music

Can you truly make money listening to music?

Just picture making $5 for listening to a few songs–and $50 for an album. That’s some extra cash in your pocket for doing something you love! Well, this isn’t pure fantasy. You can get paid to listen to music online on several websites.

Getting Started: How to earn by listening to radio

The first site I found during my search was RadioEarn. You can start making money right after you do the following:

  • Click on ‘sign up’.
  • Write your email and password.
  • Press register after solving a CAPTCHA.

To earn, go to ‘start radio’ and listen to music in 15-minute blocks. You get paid for each time you listen.

What did you think this was going to be? It may be a little annoying, but it does work—and hey, you’re already here!

This method of earning money seems pretty simple, right? Just remember that using RadioEarn by itself isn’t going to make you rich. It’s just another small way to make money listening to music.

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Exploring other platforms

1. Shrinkme.io:

You can use Shrinkme to earn money from the links you share. It is a paid short link service. Create an account on Shrinkme.io, copy the link to a playlist or song you like, shorten it, and then share it on Imgur, Pinterest or anywhere else. Whenever someone clicks on one of your shared links you will earn money!

3. Playlist Push:

If you want to get paid for listening to a playlist of songs, then you should take a look at Playlist Push. Singers use the service to show off their music, which means you can get paid up to $15 per song by signing up and writing reviews. It is one of the most reliable ways to earn money while listening to music since you are paid right away.

4. SoundCampaign:

You can also get paid to review songs by using Sound Campaign. They will give you up to $14 per song review, and you will get paid right away! You can make money and help artists out by letting them know what you really think about their music.

5. Like4Like:

You can exchange social media engagement on Like4Like, a marketplace for social media engagement exchanges. To get social media engagement, you can listen to music on Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, etc. You can get Instagram likes, followers or other engagement types that you can sell to other people on other sites.

6. CashStars:

CashStars compensates you for listening to music on Spotify and YouTube. Even though it might take a few months to get accepted into the platform, you will make money per song that you listen to–somewhere between $10 and $15.

7. MusicGateway:

You can make money by listening to music that artists are using to promote their work on MusicGateway. You simply need to sign up for free in order to start earning money while enjoying a wide selection of music.

8. Pawns App:

Pawns App is an application which will pay you for completing different tasks, one of which is listening to music. Although you may not make a lot, you can withdraw your cash via payout options like crypto or Amazon gift cards.

9. FreeCash:

FreeCash offers different tasks you can complete to earn money, including listening to music. While the earnings may not be substantial, it’s an additional way to make some cash.

10. Cash4Minutes:

You can get paid from Cash4Minutes app for doing different tasks like listening to music, wherein though it may not offer as much as other apps do, still it is a way that you can opt for.

11. Up-4ever:

With Up-4ever. net, you can earn money every time somebody downloads one of the files you have uploaded. You are free to upload any copyright-free MP3 music file and then distribute the link for download on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

It’s possible to make good money with this method since they pay up to $7 per 1000 downloads!

12. View Stats:

If you want to see YouTube statistics then View Stats is the place for you! You can make money on ViewStats by uploading faceless videos with song lyrics and monetizing them in different ways. It’s not beginner’s method but it pays off well.

13. Cash Magnet App:

Cash Magnet is an Android application that gives you cash for doing nothing—just receive sms messages and earn money as you sleep! You won’t get rich, but it’s a good way to make passive income if you always leave your phone at home and forget to use it.

14. Fiverr:

If you’re looking to freelance and offer music reviews, Fiverr is a great place for it. Many artists are willing to pay for an honest review of their songs. Simply create a gig on Fiverr and start making money reviewing songs.

Make money listening to music

Last Call

If you want to earn money by listening to music, then it is important to have realistic expectations. Although some platforms offer good chances and pay-outs, this will not be enough to pay the bills. On the other hand, if you love music, these methods could help you earn some pocket change while listening to new tracks—and you might just find your new favourite song.

If you ask me, make money listening to music sounds like a dream job. Well, it turns out that if you’re smart about it and use the right websites, you can put a little extra cash in your pockets as outlined above. Check out these methods, give them a try, and who knows? Maybe one day soon you’ll be able to earn even a modest living from getting paid to listen to music.

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Side Hustle Update

I have delegated this side hustle idea to a staff member and they have made some money however we are pending a withdrawal (need to hit the limit). To me, it doesn’t seem too profitable but might be more suited for people looking to make a couple dollars a day without doing too much.