Unveiling the daily Amazon method: How to make money with Amazon

Have you ever thought about how easy it would be to make money online? How would you react if I said you could make $250 (or more!) per day with just 30 minutes of work? Today I’m going to let you in on a passive income secret that is not only super easy, but also really profitable.

Creating passive income might sound like a complex task reserved for those with extensive marketing or tech knowledge. This is to an extent true as the more experienced you get, the more you will learn and deploy certain strategies to maximise profit. As a beginner, what if you could earn without actively managing your project every day?

This method explains how to make money with Amazon, making money through something as simple as blank books – journals, notebooks, planners. It sounds almost too good to be true, right? At the start, you could make $1,000’s of dollars per day but as it saturates, this reduces your profitability unless you delve into other niches.

Step-by-Step Guide to creating your first book

How to make money with Amazon

Ready to begin how to make money with Amazon? These are the steps you can take to launch your first low-content book on Amazon and start earning passive income.

1. Identifying the right product

The first step is perhaps the most important: Choose your niche; there is a huge market for blank books, but only a few of them have any particular subject. You can choose anything from prayer journals to daily planners. Research tools can help you figure out what sells well and has limited competition however, we believe a practical approach to observe your friends and family and try gather intel in people in your community as well.

Click here to find out more about selecting a niche.

2. Leveraging book creation tools

When it comes to making books, I have got a great way to do it. With Book Bolt, you can make the covers and insides of your books with ease. Here is how you could use Book Bolt to your advantage:

  1. Research: Use the ‘Cloud’ feature to investigate current best-sellers.

  2. Design: Choose your book’s size, layout, and more in Book Bolt Studio.

  3. Visuals: Select appealing images from stock libraries to enhance your cover.

I chose a simple, minimalist design for my personal project because I thought it looked good — showing that sometimes less is better but that doesn’t necessarily mean more details and designs are a bad thing either.

3. Crafting the interior

Don’t overlook the body of your book. We’ll show you how to design the interior of your journal or notebook using templates and a few other tools. That way you can add ruled or blank pages—or whatever else you need to make it a great place to dump your ideas.

image 13

4. Publishing on Amazon KDP

The next step of our side hustles, after you have designed your book, is to publish it. You can do this by using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). To upload your book, and then have them take care of everything else from printing to handling of customer service for purchases you would generally do the following:

  • Upload: Submit your cover and interior design.
  • Metadata: Input your book’s title, description, and keywords.
  • Pricing: Set a competitive price to attract buyers.

Forging Ahead: Tips for success

A lot of writers say that if you want to do well, you have to keep publishing and making changes depending on what people say and how well your work sells. Think of your first book as a way to learn and try to make each book better than the one before. Don’t concentrate strictly on the passive income figure and how much you earn, enjoy the side hustles and work hard to learn.

Here are some tips from the pros to help you be more successful:

  • Feedback is Gold: Pay close attention to customer reviews and adapt accordingly.
  • Market Regularly: Even a minimal marketing effort can increase visibility.
  • Expand Your Range: Diversify your offerings to cover more topics and genres.

The last thing to remember is that it takes a lot of time and you have to keep trying. You might have to experiment, but you’ll learn something with every step of the way.

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Wrapping it up: Unlock your publishing potential

To wrap it up, starting our side hustles process of making low-content books to sell on Amazon could help you make passive income. Just about everyone who is successful today had to start somewhere, so why shouldn’t this be your day to learn how to make money with Amazon and earn a passive income?

Think of it as a side business that might turn into something more. Try it out, and hopefully if books are of interest to you, you can sider writing a novel with Amazon KDP (more of this here). Go ahead and get started—publish away!

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Side Hustle Update

I am combining this side hustle with a couple others, it is going towards a hybrid strategy. At this time, i know this is a proven strategy where a freelancer of mine or an entrepreneur friend has proved this. But i like to put a twist or my touch to try and enhance the strategy further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about making money selling eBooks:

1. Do I need Advanced skills to create and sell Books?

While advanced skills can certainly enhance the quality and appeal of your Books, they are not always necessary with our side hustles. With the availability of AI tools and user-friendly software, individuals with varying levels of technical expertise can create compelling digital products. Additionally, leveraging innovative packaging and promotional strategies can compensate for any perceived lack of advanced skills.

2. Can I really learn how to make money with Amazon?

Absolutely, with the right strategies and marketing techniques, it’s possible to generate passive income from these side hustles. However, success in this endeavor often requires a combination of valuable content, effective promotion, and an understanding of the target audience’s needs which need to be considered when learning how to make money with Amazon.

3. How can I drive Traffic to my Book Products?

Driving traffic to your Book products involves a multifaceted approach, encompassing elements such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, and targeted advertising. By implementing a combination of these strategies and consistently engaging with your audience, you can attract potential buyers and maximize the visibility of your offerings. You can view this post that may help you here with your traffic strategy on make money selling eBooks.